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Back in 1973, my Father started a Christmas tree plantation. Eric and I thought it would be fun to help my family plant trees. Little did we know that someday, those trees would be in our keep.

We married two years later and my family told us about a Christmas tree farm that was for sale just a few miles away. We went to see the place and knew that this would be our home for many years to come.

The year after we purchased our home with 80 acres of Christmas trees, my Father became very ill and we had to take over his tree plantation.

We look back today in awe over what we learned about the growth and care of producing a QUALITY Christmas tree. We even chose to do all of our own shearing.

We are presently growing 100,000 Christmas trees on 400 acres of land and offer a variety of sizes, shapes and species. We have sold our trees wholesale ever since we started farming. Our customers may do their own choosing or we will do it for them if they desire. We have also arranged for tree baling and shipping. 20 years ago, we opened a choose and cut operation for those who wish to select their tree in this manner. This has turned into a truly fun family tradition for many.

The introduction of high quality, handmade wreaths in the past three years has proved to be a welcome addition to our business. Our wreaths are made to fit the tastes of any customer.

Starting in 1999, we will be offering Douglas fir and Frazer fir through mail order, wholesale and retail.

It is now with great pleasure and pride that we offer our trees and wreaths to you!

Beautifully shaped and organically grown in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Balsam fir are cut the day you order and delivered to your doorstep within 10 days via UPS. The trees are tied and wrapped in a plastic tree bag for easy installation. You may even use the tree bag as a drop cloth which will be a great help for tree removal after Christmas. Balsam fir stands approximately 6 1/2 feet tall.

Price: $60 east of the Mississippi, $65 west of the Mississippi.


"Satisfaction guaranteed or return your tree
- before Christmas - for a refund."

We also Wholesale trees in volume at a special discount.
Price varies according to volume ordered.
You choose from 100,000 trees.

The following varieties are available to you:

White Spruce up to 10 feet
Blue Spruce up to 8 feet
Scotch pine up to 10 feet
Balsam fir up to 12 feet

E-mail or call us for details at: 906 497-5394

Beautiful handmade wreaths are made from freshly cut boughs. Wreaths are also packaged in plastic to retain freshness. For best results, display outdoors. Decorations such as ribbons, cones and other decorations are included. Wreaths are approximately 20 inches in diameter. No sprays or paints are used on any of our wreaths or boughs. Custom designs are available.
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